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Ancient History

There had been at least three other attempts to resurrect a College at Murdoch University.

The College of St. Aiesha al-Zahra

The most recent, tentatively named the College of St. Aiesha al-Zahra, existed through 2005 and part of 2006.

The College of Mimir's Pool
Probably the most famous previous incarnation, the College of Mimir's Pool, existed from roughly 1990 to 1992.

Sir Reynardine and Manfred von Vogelheisse doing a demo at Bush Court in 1992.


Oenghus Medredydd vs
Gunther Axeman
Creag Highlander vs
Gunther Axeman

Calkin of Forest Keep and
Manfred von Vogelheisse
Calkin of Forest Keep, Sir Snorri Ottarson and Manfred von Vogelheisse

Mimir's Pool counted amongst its numbers many students who would go on to carve out a place for themselves in local SCA history.
Oenghus is now known as Sir Andre de Montsegur; Gunther is now known as Sir Randal Mallard du Guerre; and Creag is now known as Baron Creag MacAillandreas!

The Unknown College
Even when Mimir's Pool started up, there were rumours of a previous College at Murdoch University. Though none can now say what that ancient community was called.