The College of St Lazarus

The College of Saint Lazarus began at O-Day in 2009 when various members of the Barony of Aneala came down to Murdoch University to put on a display for the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Training on bush court with the first members of St. Lazarus, 2009.

Within a few weeks of this demo, there was regular heavy training on Bush Court and a small but determined cadre of medieval enthusiasts had formed.
Many ideas were tossed around but before long "St Lazarus" was settled on for a College name (following in the tradition of naming colleges after Christian Martyrs or Saints).

Annual General Meeting for St. Lazarus, 2010.

Several Orientation Days have come and gone since St Lazarus formed. Will you heed the call and come recruiting at the next one in 2013?

O-Day 2009

 O-Day 2010
  O-Day 2011
 O-Day 2012

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