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College Challenge - November 2009

St Lazarus Seneschal, Alexander de Irvine, armoured and ready for battle!
Alex fights Columb

Agostino lends Pax a hand to get armoured.

Baronial Investiture - August 2009



Saint Basils Sewing Workshops

Lammellar Armour Making Workshop - June 2009

Held at SIr Andre's house in nearby Bateman.


Pencampwr Camping Weekend - May/June 2009


Autumn Gathering - April 2009


Newcomers Feast - March 2009

General Meetings
Held once a month in either the Cafeteria or on the lawn of Bush Court.


Shield Making Workshop - May 2009
A joint activity with St Basils at Sir Kane's house in nearby Willagee, "The Bastion".


Heavy Training
Held every Tuesday 4.30pm to 7pm at Bush Court


O-Day February 2009

Columb and a fighter from Templestone prepare to do battle as Sir Andre marshals.

Sir Kane Greymane
Sir Andre fights a warrior from Templestone
Vish, head of House Templestone