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There are several Wars held each year in Western Australia. Wars are like melees but with bigger boundaries and with combat archers included.

The most reliable war events are the following:

April - Rowany Festival (NSW)
Rowany Festival features a day of wars with up to 70 to 80 people per side!

April - Autumn Gathering (WA)
If you're not going to Rowany Festival, then the Autumn Gathering weekend is the war event for you!

June - Pencampwr Camping Weekend (Wandi, WA).
2011 saw our biggest war ever held in Western Australia with over 40 heavies and archers taking part - some traveling all the way from the Eastern States to join in - including the King!

August - Lions & Lambs War (Wandi, WA)
Fun and friendly low key war.
Is War combat your thing?

Have a look at these Wars - they were shot with Helm-cams - so they show you exactly what its like to be in the thick of things!

In Australia:

Pencampwr War

Rowany War

In the USA:

Pennsic War

Clinton War