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Armoured Combatants or "heavies" fight full contact with various weapon simulcra made of wood and neoprene padding. Tournaments are usually held about once a month and training is held several times a week.

The pursuit of Tournament Combat leads to many accolades and awards within the SCA:

* You might earn an award like the Anealan Order of the Valiant Swans.
* You might join a Baronial Guard or the Queen's Guard
* You might become a local "Champion".
At a Kingdom Level, you might gain the following awards:
* Order of the Silver Helm
* Order of the Golden Sword (an "Award of Arms" level award)
* Order of the Red Wyvern (a "Grant of Arms" level award)
* Order of the Chivalry (Knighthood)

Training Times

Monday Night - Hyde Park in Perth from 6pm.
Tuesday Night - 7 to 9pm down by the river at Troy Park in Attadale (only a couple of kilometers from Murdoch).
Wednesday Night - 7 to 9pm at "Bastion" in Roleystone.
Thursday Night - 4.30pm to 7pm at Oak Lawn at UWA
Friday Night - 7 to 9pm on the1st Friday of the Month at "Knightsbridge" in Bateman (walking distance from Murdoch).
Sunday - at various places such as Wandi and Lake Monger.