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There are several opportunities for Melee combat during the SCA Calendar Year.

If it has the numbers, St Lazarus will field a team by itself or it will team up with the College of Saint Basil to make a "Combined Colleges" Melee Team.

The main events on the Melee Calendar are:

April - Rowany Festival
Rowany Festival (held in NSW every year) features an event called the Heraldic Tournament - where different teams of up to eight people and usually compete in three different fields of endeavour.
* Best Heraldic Display
* Most Chivalrous Team
* Prowess

June - Pencampwr Camping Weekend
There have been Melee Tourneys held at the Pencampwr Weekend. There is also the opportunity for a College Team to take to the field as a unit during the War - though this is a slightly different form of combat to Melee. This year also saw several prizes for War Units:
*Best Shields
*Best Display.

July - Lightning Carnivale Team Melee Tournament
This is the premier Team Melee Event and has been running for three consecutive years now.