What is the College of Saint Lazarus?
Who are we?

This is the homepage for the College of Saint Lazarus, a branch of the "Society for Creative Anachronism" based at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia.

We are a club affiliated with the Murdoch Student Guild.

The SCA is a medieval & reniassance counter-culture that sprung up in Berkley, California, at about the same time as the Hippy Movement. Its inspired movies, books and was heavily entangled in the formation of the Ren-Faire phenomenon in the USA.

We create the Middle Ages.... as they were meant to have been. We enjoy a semi-serious, semi-mock theatrical pastiche made from a mixture of Hollywood Knightly romance, Monty Python, and Victorian Pre-Raphellite fantasies.

The "Vikings" team at the 2011 Pencampwr War. Featuring members of St Lazarus.

Why join the College of Saint Lazarus?

* Because you like History!

* Because you like having fun!

* You're into martial arts and archery!

* You enjoy inter-University competition!

* You enjoy arts & crafts!

* You enjoy camping!

St Lazarus and St Basils

Although St Basils are our rivals, we enjoy...

Our motto is "Brains!"

(St Basil's motto is "Boom! Boom!")
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